Acquired the patent of the core technology of "SafetyAnswer".
New !  Virtualization technology of mail address.

Virtualization of the mail address,
to avoid the leakage risk of mail address.
Proposed the use scene in various ways.

The technology of virtualization of mail address

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  • Enterprise Protection / Customer mail address leak measure

    Customer mail address leak measure

    The systems for the enterprises that the internal organization is maintained by firewall.
    Large enterprise and an administrative agency.

    By completely separating the internal and external mail address, to prevent it to not be deliver mail directly to the person in charge of the organization.
    Even if the mail address which is being used in the organization leaks out to outside, there are no means to deliver a mail directly, so the effect which avoid a target of targeted attack mail can be expected.
    SafetyAnswer makes a mail sender anonymous, and the mail which reaches from outside is delivered to the organization, so the worry customer's important mail address leaks from a system in the organization disappears.
    Available will be the introduction of SafetyAnswer server system.

  • Incoming Protection / ????????????

    Incoming mail address anonymity-ization

    The service for the enterprises which doesn't want to collect mail address of customers as an information leak measure
    When a lot of opportunity to receive mail contact and inquiries from individuals and companies, in case you want to make sure the information leakage measure of the sender address of the received mail, and effective .
    The mail sender address which reaches from outside using SafetyAnswer becomes anonymous. "We don't collect customer's mail address."
    Business of a net shop, and a business of human resource, The big effect can be expected on business which receives many mails from an individual.
    You can choose use according to the necessary scale.

  • Outsourcing Protection / ??????????????

    Anonymity-ization of the outside trusting

    The service for the enterprises to which mail processing is entrusted outside
    When forwarding the mail which reaches to a business tie-up destination outside the company from a customer and outsourcing in-house business to the outside enterprise, it's possible to be that customer's mail address is made anonymous and entrust mail processing outside safely. The enormous effect is shown in a leak prevention countermeasure of a mail address of an in-house customer. And it's possible to do response regulation in order to send a mail to the customer selfishly from the outside trust destination.
    Even if a contract about personal information protection is made, is it really OK? If it's SafetyAnswer, information doesn't see itself.
    You can choose use according to the necessary scale.

  • Inquiry Protection / ???????

    Anonymous mail consultation

    Anonymous consultation (school, cram school, work and health consultation)
    When usually doing exchange by anonymity through the internet, I need production of a home page. When using SafetyAnswer, it's possible to take a contact each other without both's telling their address where one known mail address is just known and a mail is sent and the side where a mail is received.
    When 184 telephone service disconnects the telephone once, it'll not be never possible to make a contact, SafetyAnswer is correct to the mail sender received anonymously, a mail, it's possible to answer.
    The use is possible from one mail address.

  • Mobile Protection / ???????????

    Mobile address book protection

    BYOD,The enterprise using a mail of the company at a mobile end and service for individuals
    The case for which a mobile terminal an individual possesses is used at a company became a lot. If mobile lost or stolen, there is a possibility that the e-mail address of the customer would have been stolen.
    Using SafetyAnswer, even if an information terminal is lost when doing non-notice setting of the address when forwarding a mail to a personal information terminal, a mail address doesn't leak.
    All addresses made anonymous can be invalidated by one operation.
    You can choose use according to the necessary scale.

  • Group Circle Protection / ????????????

    Mail network of anonymity for groups

    The service for Town community, the groups, Volunteer, NPO, PTA
    When it's in the position where I'm in charge by a PTA, I'll have to tell a personal mail address to many people. Of his address is known throughout the large number of people is what do not feel so good. Also even after I got off the person responsible, or worry will inevitably led to once well-known is his e-mail address is being exploited in anywhere.
    When SafetyAnswer is used, it makes it possible that everyone keep in mail contact anonymously face down each address.
    The use is possible from one mail address.

How is it used?

  • The sender and the receiver can contact both to the mail address in secret.
  • A mail address from the inside of the company can't be taken out.
  • A mail address at the inside of the company can't be plagiarized.
  • By separating the internal and external mail address, prevent the direct intrusion from the outside.
  • In addition also exert an effect on the targeted attacks.
  • Automatically face down the mail address of the customer, you can forward mail to external contractors.
  • If you use the mail forwarding to the mobile to be used outside the company, mail address will not leak even if the loss or theft of the terminal.
  • Anonymous inquiry counter can be established easily by only one mail address.
  • Participant all the members can hide the mail address and make a contact by a PTA and volunteer activities.
  • If the mail forwarded to the mobile phone, it is an mail reply to hide a mobile phone mail address.

Who uses it?

  • The side which receives a mail is introduce.
  • The organization, the enterprise and the individual which would like to reduce information leak risk of a mail address.
  • The organization and the enterprise which conceal and isolate a mail address in the organization perfectly from outside, and would like to improve security.
  • The organization and the enterprise which would like to plan for improvement of service by receiving a mail anonymously.
  • The enterprise which entrusts business processing using a mail to outside.
  • The organization and the group which are putting necessary consultation business of the anonymity into effect and establish an anonymous desk.
  • Business utilization and BYOD use of the enterprise using a mail of the company for mobility, an individual and a cellular phone.
  • The group, the school, the PTA and the neighborhood association council which would like to build an anonymous network.